About Me


I'm Christy. 

Lover of all things home.  

I am not an expert, certainly not a designer, and not much of a photographer for that matter.  I am just a lady with a love of projects.  My blog began 5 years ago as I tackled a staircase remodel with few answers to be found.  That staircase landed me the very back page of a magazine and so the blog continued.  After a few years off to advance my degree, I could not wait to get my heart and hands back into my home.   Making, doing, and creating are my drive.  I have no style label- if I love something, it comes home and I find a spot for it later.  I believe in being real.  (really? with five kids who occupy the premises and the fact that I could stuff pillows with all of the dog hair floating around on any given day, I have to keep things informal).  I believe in blooming where you're planted.  I  just so happen to be in a cookie-cutter-colonial in the suburbs of Southern New Jersey.  Maybe some of my remedies will inspire you to bloom where you're planted too!