Saturday, November 23, 2013

In it for the Long Hall, ideas...

(Yes, for your' information, I am going to blog about it!!)
Did you ever sit back one day and really look at something in your house (a wall , floor, carpet, etc.) and think, "How long has that looked this  bad!"  I know you have, because I've been having those moments a lot this year.  Blame the dog?  I might, but we have been busy living here and with that comes some damage!  Just cosmetics, but none the less, stuff needs repair/replacing. 

Enter the hallway.  (Literally).  It's a long hall, on the lower level with traffic, tons  of traffic all day.  Now I could've just painted it again, but my experience with trying to clean satin and flat painted surfaces hasn't been successful. I think it streaks, shows where you wiped, and it's even worse to touch up.   Solution:  glossy paint: it wipes clean and is easy to touchup. So I needed moulding or molding (depends on where you live I guess) to be able to paint it with "shigh-nay" white paint. 

I searched around for some ideas and liked a few, loved others, but decided to find something I could reproduce (myself) and not have it look too DIY. 
Here's the results of my Pinterest search:
 First, board and batten is nice to look at and easy enough to assemble, but doesn't fit our home's character.  I need more cow bell :)
 Board and batten
Anther option, I loved and almost went with, but my hallway is narrow and long.  I didn't want it to be too pretty though.

I settled on an in-between.  I knew I wanted it to look attractive enough, but not be the main focus of the hallway.
Ahhh, just right Goldilocks.  It looks clean.


Like all good projects I attempt complete, this one was modified a bit to fit my skills, budget, and patience.  I'll share the finished and how I did it later, but I'm in between coats of paint, maybe tomorrow.  I  used a few different materials to fake simulate routed edges, I'll share that too.  Here's a sneak  peak at the difference.

See the finished hallway here.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Campaign Frames and Gold Accents

I've been busy de-cluttering around here and vowed to not start any projects until I finished cleaning out all the unnecessary stuff.  I did get a lot done, but there's always more left to do... 

I did find a some time to add some gold touches to my living room with my "campaign frames" inspired by campaign furniture.
I used L brackets from the hardware store and secured them to the corners. 

Here you can see the difference.

 I sprayed the floor lamp with gold paint, here it is bronzy before...

after :)

and I finally put a pic in this clearance frame I picked up a while back.

The little hints of gold here and there help to tie in the brass pulls from Blue Lovely

Thanks for looking!