Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Happy New year!  
I'm still in the process of taking down the Christmas decorations, which is bittersweet, it went by too fast. I usually get inspired to move furniture, organize, repaint, or tear down walls this time of year.  (Wish I could)  

I decided to start small.  Call me selfish, needy, self-indulgent, even territorial.  I don't care.  I'm claiming a little space in this house as my own.  I won't say it's "off-limits" to kids, but it's limited, as in, they can hang up their backpacks in there.  I moved all of their video game crap to the "playroom"  that we've never used, in the basement.  I'm getting ready to finally set up that Command Center I promised myself I'd do.  I put together a mental image of what I want, within reason, of course.  This is one spot where I don't even need to consider what anyone else wants or likes.  None of that, "Well, it's too girly, there's too many boys in the house for that rug/paint/furniture, etc..."

So I've challenged myself to see if I can bring this together for really cheap. 

I'm using keeping the bamboo desk and she is getting a makeover in red, inspired by her cousin piece below...

So far, so good, I snagged this rug for 70% off at 

I've always wanted a reason for an acrylic chair to exist in my life...

and here she is, found at Amazon, for just over $100. 
 (but for some reason I'm having this recurring vision of someone tilting back in it and the legs cracking off like a cheap outdoor stack-able...I'll let you know, it's still "in transit" so we'll see.)

I bought a couple of funky pillows, (I'll surprise you later) and I have a need  for these beauties in here too.  They are not in the budget, so I have to do these myself somehow.

crate and barrel
As for my paint color, I'm guessing gray but I also want to carry through the molding from the landing zone, on the lower portion of the walls.

Stick with me... this should be interesti