Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Home is Where the Hearth Is ...Almost?

I know it seems I've jumped off of Blog Earth, and thanks to some faithful readers, I haven't so I'll let you in on some stuff we've been up to around here!

I put up door casings in the kitchen, finally.  The drywall was scuffed, chipped, even chewed in one spot (by a member of the family I won't mention.)  I cheated and used a fancy trim on the top that looks like a header, but this was the easiest option.  I stole this idea from a site and cannot remember where I found it, sorry to the genius that did it first, but hey, at least I'm admitting it wasn't my idea :) More on that later.

We, the spouse and I, decided that we'd love to put a fireplace in the family room.  This project has been on the back burner for 8 years and we now have guts to tackle it! 

Like all good ideas, I perused Pinterest and started a Board of what I,
I Pinned this and wanted to have it similar..

This was just an idea, maybe a little more casual, since it is the family room.

Now, there are a million tutorials on redoing an existing fireplace, not so much when you want a tutorial on how to put in a fireplace.  So I drew a picture.

 Enter the father-in-law, to install the gas insert.  

After that, we decided to pay to have the framing and drywall done, because I'm not feeling brave enough for that and the spouse, well, never mind.  (His idea of DIY is paying someone to DIFY, do it for you!)  That's okay, at least he's man enough to admit that he has no interest in even attempting these projects, he'd rather have it done right.  

Now we have this...

I want it to look like my inspiration photo, sort of, and have a lot of work to do now!
Tile choices and wood trim, but I am getting this done in time for Santa!