Thursday, January 11, 2018

Turn a Pedestal Table into a Coffee Table: A 15 Minute Hack

Hi There!

If you follow my Instagram, you saw yesterday's sneak peek of the table hack I was working on.  Honestly, this project is not a new concept, by far.  Turning a pedestal dining table into a coffee table has cropped up for ages.  There are a ton of pictures of finished products out there of tables that were constructed much different than mine.  But I could not find any tutorial on how to actually execute this plan.  The only one that came super close is no longer published.  It was my exact table, I'm talking down to the screws!  So like everything else, I did it my way and I'll share it with you guys so that some crazy woman with the same pedestal table can hack hers into a coffee table too.  

Friday, January 5, 2018

Capsule Wardrobe?

Happy New Year!

Anyone else feel a tiny bit nostalgic and droopy about taking down the Christmas decor??  I haven't even started, partially because my kids give me the stink-eye when I mention it, and mostly because the stomach bug hit our house and I have a ridiculous cold.  However, I'm not letting it get me down.  It's a perfect excuse to lay around and eat bad.  It snowed here, and if you know anything about South Jersey, it's rare to have snow this week, so I'm still in holiday mode.  We always get snow just when we really want it in February.

J Crew

Something about this time of year makes me want all new sweaters... and area rugs.  But that's a different post.  I shopped online a bit this week and decided to try to build my own modified capsule wardrobe.  Let's face it, I wear casual clothes in public and ugly O.R. scrubs to work, so this should be fairly simple, right?  I searched Pinterest for the "stay-at-home-mom capsule wardrobe"  (SAHM- sounds way cooler) for the current year of course, because I don't want to be all decked for  2015.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Faux Bamboo Furniture Love Affair

 I have a bit of crush on faux bamboo furniture, with a pop of color, who doesn't???  Just look at these beauties I found on Pinterest:

Just as I was wiping the drool off of my chin, I stumbled upon a set by Thomasville- complete with the dresser, mirror, desk, and end table, being sold together. 
Whaat?!!! I know, almost unheard of. This crush just became a love affair people.