Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Fling

This is an easy, literally two-minute, project that adds a personalized feel to your porch or entry. You can write your last name on there (if you don't have a big Italian name like ours), house number, a greeting? 
For me, it cost nothing because I had the supplies on hand. 
Watering can (mine is from Walmart)
Martha Stewart Chalkboard Labels (from Staples)
Chalk Paint Pen (Amazon)
Faux Flowers (Dollar Tree)
If you have a stencil and more
than 2 minutes, go for it.
I had neither, so I just wrote the

(My watering can functioned up until we added a puppy to the mix, last spring, and he punched a hole in it.)
Now it's a decoration 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Out of Sight Out of Mind?

Okay, I'll admit it... I have a problem with cabinets.  All types: small ones, old ones, new ones, used ones.  I love them!  I load them up with everything!!  It all started with having a new home, with little "character."  (That, coupled with having had 3 children within 3 1/2 years of moving here!) I've got a hankering for these babies because they 

1. add some character
2.  hide all the clutter

Here's just a taste:



           Curbside Rescue
I'm beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, the spouse has a point, I do have a problem with old furniture   cabinets.  
 The grey china cabinet in the second row, (a.k.a. "Aunt Lucy's Cabinet"- it really isn't from any Aunt Lucy, it's a Restore purchase.   The spouse hates  it.  It was GOLD, I mean super 70's Gold.  I painted and glazed the outsidepainted the inside a cream and stopped there.  I had a problem with how to make it less "Aunt Lucy" looking.  Just last week, I spotted some grey and white striped wrapping paper in Marshall's and decided to put that in the back for some eclectic flair as a solution.  The spouse says the only solution is the curb.  Not happening.  Now I'm on the hunt for some new hardware and I think it'll be fine! (One drawer pull is currently in my purse for measurement purposes!) 
So what I really need is to eliminate some clutter.  I vow to not buy, rescue, or receive in any way, another cabinet, for a little while?!  

Friday, April 19, 2013

Lantern Light Fixture

It's here!  Yay, finally!  I mean, no offense to Home Depot, but the shipping took forever.  Maybe it's because I just really wanted it...bad.
World Imports 6 Light Rust Foyer Light

Remember the nasty light in my staircase?  If not, check it out.  Anyway, I decided on this lantern from Home Depot, it is available elsewhere but HD had it for the cheapest with free, albeit slow, shipping.  I'm impatient did you hear? 

I still haven't decided, higher, lower, remove the window treatment?  (I  bought that on sale when we moved in but don't really have a love for it, but do need the privacy at night.  Ya know, the jammies in the stairs situation) How come every time I do a "little project"  around here it leads to another "little project?" 


I need some advice, so please comment!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cheap Chick Paintings

In keeping with my little chicks' room d├ęcor, I wanted a pair of pictures to fill an empty space in her room.  I have a thing for the cute canvas wall art, featured in designer kids' rooms, but I'm not a fan of the price for these babies.  It's nuts that they look like a kid painted them, ok at least their mom, and they are expensive!  I decided to "DIM"  (do-it-myself.)  

  The blank canvas was bought at Michael's, on sale.  They are 10 X 10 and came in a two pack.  I used acrylic craft paint to cover the background, then I painted some details.

I used scrap fabric and cut out the bird on the pink one, and the butterfly, birdhouse hole, and bird's wing on the blue one.  (Because I'm lazy and didn't feel like free-handing the patterns!)  This is an easy way to achieve the detailed look without being talented!

Simple, cheap, and cute!  I apologize for the poor pictures, a photographer, I am not! 

Thanks for looking! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hit The Deck!

Of course it's going to hit 80 degrees today.  That's what happens in April in this neck of the woods.  One day it's 50 and raining, the next you need your summer scibbies. 
Speed bumps of life I hit today were:
 ~  went in the attic for some kids' - summer garb and heard a bird (or 8 ) chirping, turns out there's a nest in the dryer vent.  Lovely.
Anyway, the sun is out and I'm not cooped up for a 12 hour shift in that hospital, so I am psyched.  Oh and now I have a real excuse to not do the laundry!!
Then I looked at the deck.  It's not feeling the Spring Fever I have.  None of my cushions are out, the furniture is stacked up, and it's not feelin' appealin'!!  I am on a mission to get it cute, for free, in an hour.

 Not ready for spring!
Now as a mom of five, I am superbly organized and plan ahead when at all possible.  (Just kidding)  I happened upon Boston Ferns that were on sale at Lowe's for $ 8.00, so I snatched them up and stored them in my bathroom for 3 weeks.  Good thing I don't frequent that garden tub... ever.
 I collected up my cushions, rearranged a little, and put out the ferns.  I like hanging ferns for a little privacy.  We are in the burbs and right on top of each other here.  I robbed a wreath from storage, originally for the front door.  I borrowed a lantern I acquired from Marshall's last week from the living room, and a topiary from the garage.  Now it's a bit more welcoming!  Can't wait until it's time to fill planters and open the pool!


Now I just need five, quiet minutes to sit in that chair with my coffee!
I have greater plans for this deck, but today it's all about free.  I love to use stuff from other spots to make a old space feel fresh! 
Bloom Where You're Planted!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

And then I looked Up!!

I am proud, I'll admit it.  I walk up that staircase and beam (inside) at the lovely I created.  And one day something happened.   It felt darker somehow.  I thought "Oh a bulb is out..."  and then I looked up. 
I felt a lump in my throat, it's hard to swallow
No, it's not an orb in my photo, that grayish spot is the stairway light fixture. Jaw on the floor... yeah a bulb was out, but (please don't judge)  look at that ceiling fixture!!!  I think I've spent the last 7 years reproducing and raising 5 kids and never had a sec to look anywhere but down!

So after an entire a.m. of googling for a cheap solution, I came up with a couple of contenders.  I found two different affordable (key word)  lantern style fixtures from Overstock.
Rustic like the steps, affordable, available.  OK.  then I turned around at the top of the steps and looked up at the ceiling.  We've got three, yes three, of those beauties in the upstairs hallway.  Here's 2 of 'em.
Now your talking about 4 total light fixtures.  There goes the budget, so I've just put this replacement on the back burner. 
I guess one at thing at a time.  I'm going to "Bloom Where I'm Planted" in the stairway first, because that's what visitors see!!!!
Any suggestion?  Please leave some comments, I need a solution!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Who Doesn't Love A Party?

I'm in....and down for The Ultimate Blog Party 2013 over at  I just discovered this today and sort of invited myself.  I'm joking!  Everyone can come!  I can hardly wait!!! I found out at via a comment Lauren left regarding my steps!  (Double thanks) I love a party... who doesn't?  Check out both of these great blogs.  As a crazy busy mom, I can appreciate all the support and tips I can get!


Monday, April 1, 2013

Cheater Pirate Art

This is an easy way to get cute artwork in your kids room.  I ordered wall decals and decided they were "too abundant" for the walls in this shared bedroom.  My two little guys have a lot of stuff in there and I am not a fan of clutter.  (Although I have so much clutter.)
I have had these 10 X 10 frames for years.  I actually bought them at Marshall's with some weird mouse pictures in them.  I have painted over them a few times.  First, they were little bear pictures, then cowboys, now pirates.  The decals are  RoomMates peel and stick wall decals (Treasure Hunt) from Amazon for under $15. 
 I started with a blank white background, if your frames are new, just use the backing, the cardboard part.  I had to buy poster board, cut it to size and painted the white or yellow onto the center.  I placed the pirate where I wanted him, then added some more paint around him, then some of the phrases and decals.  I used craft paint to paint the border and the that's it! 

Once I hung them, I added some of the RoomMates around the pictures and in different area in the room.
Thanks for looking!