Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ballard Design knockoff Chandelier


After a lengthy huge waste of time search for a substitute for this great chandelier, I decided to take matters into my own impatient crafty hands and make it myself.
6-Arm Grande Claire Chandelier
Ballard Designs 6 arm Grande Claire Chandelier $399

The spouse, once again, isn't understanding the sheer wonder of that Ballard light, so I couldn't justify the price and decided that my current dining room light "isn't what I wanted" anyway, ugh hem, so here's how it went.

Light fixture
vine on a wire (see pic below)
hot glue (my fav)
craft crystals in a bag (Joanne's in jewelry section)
Spray Paint (Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze)

These are sold at Michael's, I had them on hand.

I glued the vines all over the chandelier

 Then I spray painted it and glued the crystals on in random spots.

and after many, many scalding hot glue burns, one of which I think will be on my left wrist forever..
I was done!

The finished product, not bad for about $20.00 vs $400.00!!

Thanks so much for checking in!