Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Updated Hardware for Lucy

Our huge china cabinet, a.k.a. Lucy, (for the elephant- it's a Jersey thing, ok, click here if you feel left out) anyway, it needed updated hardware.  I bought this thing for a steal at Restore, the Habitat For Humanity store, before the blogging days and didn't take any pictures of the "before."  It was gold, solid gold, like the 70's.  So horrible. 
This isn't mine but it's similar

 When it came home (behind the spouse's back, I might add), he was not happy. I think he was even a little mad. He didn't have my vision of this beaut in our dining room.  

I spray painted it a greyish taupe and glazed it with a dark brown, I knew it would be okay!  The spouse did not, until we put in the wood floors, now he actually admitted that he likes it.  I posted my cabinet addiction here, and have finally taken the time to find new drawer pulls for this elephant. The problem was (yes, with me there's always a problem) they were not standard sizes.  So being the impatient person I am, I wasn't willing to wait for pulls to be shipped, so I bought stock hardware at The H.D.  I had to drill new holes and filled the old ones in with wood putty.  Yes, it was easy and anyone can do this, I promise.
Remove the seventies pulls and knobs 
Mark where your new pull will go
Drill the new holes
Use wood filler to fill in the old hole 
Wipe off the putty, immediately, just trust me on this one!

The old upper knobs
 New ones, I had to sand down where the old one was,
see the imprint?
So here it is with a smidge of modern flair, that's really not that noticeable, but makes a big difference up close. I really want to paint it a color now, but as for the spouse... I don't think he's on board with that!