Sunday, May 7, 2017

DIY Rustic Kitchen Peninsula: A Joanna Gaines Inspired Kitchen Copycat

Hi Y'all...
(okay it doesn't work because I'm from Jersey).

I painted my kitchen cabinets last year with homemade chalk paint, and have never really loved the way the backside of the peninsula looked.  Baby got back, ya know?  It's a huge white elephant in the room.  It's the first thing you see when you enter the back door and it's nearly eye level from the family when you have a seat.   Normal people could care less about stuff like that, but it bothered me..bad.  

Even with stools in front of it, it looks out of place.  I had plans of adding reclaimed wood but decided against it, then I fell for Chip and Joanna's reclaimed church alter island.  I have a peninsula in my kitchen not an island (and no access to reclaimed church parts).  

So I faked it.  

From boring and blank...

 to conversation piece...

My inspiration...

Magnolia Market

I'm hoping mine doesn't get quite this distressed...(although I do have one extra kid than they do...)

Tools you'll need for this one:

  • scroll saw
  • 1X3 MDF for the vertical pieces (I use primed boards-makes me happier)
  • 1x6 for the base and the arches
  • liquid nails & trim nails
  • calk
  • ornamental piece (I found mine on Ebay)
  • paint
I'm not going to bore you with the details...but, get a game plan set first.  Tracking down an ornamental piece was harder than I thought it would be.  Try searching for architectural details, antiques, etc.  I did score this one for 20 bucks and painted it once it was hung.

Map it out...I always draw a picture of what I want and write the measurements all over it.  I cut the arches freehand with the scroll saw and sanded them down a bit, but they aren't perfect because I want it to be rustic.  I liquid-nailed them to the peninsula and used a few finishing nails to keep them in place until it cured.  Then I calked, hung the accent with liquid nails, and painted it. 

(That's the real deal there, mess and all.)

I'm happy with the view now when I sit on the sofa and when I come in the back door, the big white elephant has covered her backside!

I'm on the fence with distressing it, thoughts?

Thanks for checking in!