Sunday, August 19, 2018

DIY Patio Cushion Covers

Hi loves!  

Does anyone else start a project with the idea that since you need to replace something anyway, why not try a little experiment, and if it fails, just go get the replacement? This is the initial thought for every one of my DIY projects.  I only share the experiments that work.  😀 

To stencil the edge, I just used one of the bricks from the stencil repeatedly.

The fact that I finally recovered our nasty, faded porch furniture cushions is nothing shy of a miracle.  They were bad guys.  After a few years of trying desperately to scrub, hide, hose, spray paint (Did not work. At. All.)  I decided to try to find "real" replacements.  I came up with nothing that would fit the dimensions of this set.   There were plenty of options that "would do" but not within a reasonable price range.  Honestly, I could've bought a whole new set for the price of new cushions.    So... DIY it was and it had to be an affordable solution; just in case I failed, I wouldn't be out a ton of $$. 

Now brace yourself for the extensive list of material....

I used a dropcloth from Amazon, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

I know, I know.  A hot glue gun?  Did I ever tell you how lazy my crafting skills are?  But I had such great luck with the dropcloth sofa recovering project  back in the day, that I decided what harm can there be?  (Honestly, that sofa is still in my kids's playroom and still intact after using hot glue to recover it!)  Moving on, I love a good dropcloth project and I didn't feel like sewing that day.  

So it was a win-win.  

Here's how it went down:
I simply cut off the existing cover fabric, folded the drop cloth in half and spread it out on the floor, placed the cushions on top of it and cut around them.  

Then I wrapped them like gifts and glued the seams shut, being careful to turn the raw edges in toward each other, making them look as if they were sewn shut.  That's it!  I have great faith in my glue, it removed my fingerprints I think, so it should hold some fabric shut.  I could have (should have) bought all new foam and batting, but I honestly was too thrifty lazy to go get it to invest.  It turns out our newly recovered cushions are just as comfy as before.

Don't they look amazing compared to before?  I'm all giddy with happy thoughts about this porch now that the furniture is looking lovely, that and the fact that this the only clutter free spot in our house right now!  #goSummer

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