Monday, March 11, 2013

Sidelight Solution

We had a little privacy problem and I decided to solve it with Gallery Glass. This stuff has been around for a while and is hard to find in stores. I actually had some on hand from years ago and ordered the faux lead strips from Amazon.
I don't have a before, because I never intended to blog, but I do have an in-progress and a finished pic.
I used a white board marker to try out different designs until I came up with one I liked.
Here I started to add the "lead" lines
Above, you can see how I drew the pattern I wanted with the marker.
I just stretched and curved the lead lines to create the curls for the design.
After I finished "leading" I filled it in with the clear Gallery Glass and used different paintbrushes to create texture or smooth depending on which panel I was working in.

A new front door is on the "want" list, but for now this is my solution to needing light in the foyer and stopping those visitors from peeking in!

Thanks for looking!