Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hit The Deck!

Of course it's going to hit 80 degrees today.  That's what happens in April in this neck of the woods.  One day it's 50 and raining, the next you need your summer scibbies. 
Speed bumps of life I hit today were:
 ~  went in the attic for some kids' - summer garb and heard a bird (or 8 ) chirping, turns out there's a nest in the dryer vent.  Lovely.
Anyway, the sun is out and I'm not cooped up for a 12 hour shift in that hospital, so I am psyched.  Oh and now I have a real excuse to not do the laundry!!
Then I looked at the deck.  It's not feeling the Spring Fever I have.  None of my cushions are out, the furniture is stacked up, and it's not feelin' appealin'!!  I am on a mission to get it cute, for free, in an hour.

 Not ready for spring!
Now as a mom of five, I am superbly organized and plan ahead when at all possible.  (Just kidding)  I happened upon Boston Ferns that were on sale at Lowe's for $ 8.00, so I snatched them up and stored them in my bathroom for 3 weeks.  Good thing I don't frequent that garden tub... ever.
 I collected up my cushions, rearranged a little, and put out the ferns.  I like hanging ferns for a little privacy.  We are in the burbs and right on top of each other here.  I robbed a wreath from storage, originally for the front door.  I borrowed a lantern I acquired from Marshall's last week from the living room, and a topiary from the garage.  Now it's a bit more welcoming!  Can't wait until it's time to fill planters and open the pool!


Now I just need five, quiet minutes to sit in that chair with my coffee!
I have greater plans for this deck, but today it's all about free.  I love to use stuff from other spots to make a old space feel fresh! 
Bloom Where You're Planted!