Sunday, June 16, 2013

Greek Key Pillow


Easy Accent for Boring Pillows

In order to spruce up the now blank sofa, I thought the euro pillows needed a little something.  So I Googled up some pillows, liked the Greek Key trim, and found some very detailed tutorials. I am not a fan of detailed, but in this case you really don't have a choice.  Creating this design is easy, but time consuming (and I have none of that to spare). I ended up following a design tutorial I found on Pinterest here
Now, this would've been so much easier if the pillows were not stuffed and sewn shut.  Why would something be easy for me?  So I did what I do best, and hot glued the ribbon onto each of the pillows. Yes, I tried fabric glue, it isn't as good, I'm serious.
I used navy grosgrain ribbon, from the craft store, and following the tutorial, I measured each pillow and calculated how far from the edge I wanted the design to start, then divided it up according to the tutorial.  My three pillows were slightly different sizes, so I had to adjust them.  Again, much easier if planned in advance.

Here's the tutorial on my laptop! 

 The layout 

 Pinning the corners, just fold it back on itself to form the corners...

and the measuring

The finished product
3 days and a total of 4 hours later!
Thank you Sarah M. Dorsey designs for the detailed tutorial, you can find it here.