Saturday, August 3, 2013

$5.00 Ceiling Light

Our Laundry Room is a sight unseen by anyone but yours' truly and the cat.  (he only goes in there to use his facility, if you know what I mean.)  I'm serious, nobody goes in there, and it's located on the second level, so guests don't even pass by there.  As much as I'd like to devote a week and some spare change on making it all cutesy and fun, I can't justify that, since the cat doesn't care what it looks like, maybe later on that.
I could not resist this $5.00 chandelier though, since I could justify actually seeing what I'm doing in the laundry room, and that would benefit the cat too.  
So I bought this ugly thing at our local Restore, (they tried to make me pay ten bucks, no way, so we settled on five)
with left over spray paint, I made it a Raspberry Sweetie for me and Harry (the cat) and lucky for us, it actually lights up

The best comment I've gotten on this one, was from my six year old son, who said he feels bad for the cat because he has to have a pink light in his room!