Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Style Spotters Guest Blogger & Coral Isle Table

  Today, yours' truly is the guest blogger over at Better Homes & Gardens Style Spotters, you can check out my post here   - it tells all about the "I Did It!" feature, the day they came to shoot, etc.  If you're visiting from, thanks for looking!

I have a little update on the Bamboo Lovelies, I've only had time to finish one (I got a little side tracked with a much needed project for all of the backpacks and shoes, we'll talk about that later, I had to tackle that before school starts!)

Bamboo Boring
(the bag on top is a nice touch too)

After:  Coral Cutie

Yeah I named her. And she's adorable.  But like any little lady, she was a bit "high maintenance", although, worth it in the end. I followed  a tutorial by Centsational Girl as a guide, and added a few tweaks along the way.

1. I sanded it her down with a block sander.

2. Dusted her off

3.  Spray painted with Krylon Coral Isle

4. Sanded off any drips, using a rough nail file for the small areas and curved legs, it worked great.

5. Dusted off the chalky stuff and sprayed her again, ...and again.  So three coats total.

4.  Now, the top was white laminate, I know it would be functional, but I didn't like it against the paint color.  I used Kilz, primer, two coats as directed on the can, and went back and spray painted the top.

5. Last step, and the longest, I used a high gloss polyurethane to keep it glossy.  It takes some time to dry between coats, overnight, and I applied three.  I used sponge applicators from the paint section.  Maybe I am learning to be more patient?

I don't have a single spot for Coral, so she may be up for adoption soon!

Thanks for looking!