Sunday, October 20, 2013

How To: Rustic Initial Fall Wreath

Today I'm posting my easy, (yes, you can do this) way to customize a wreath.
Initials and burlap are all over, and I happen to have both on hand to spruce up a basic, leaf wreath I found in my Fall bin.  I used a pre-primed white initial from the craft store.  I chose a more "formal font" since I think the curly fonts remind me of spring and summer.   I knew I wanted it painted a peacock-family blue color, but not solid.  So I experimented and came up with a treatment that made it look rustic.
Here's the boring, store-bought leaf wreath. 
Burlap and a "G"

I didn't take pics of the letter treatment, because I really didn't think it would turn out, but I can break it down for you. 
First, I spray painted the letter with blue paint, after waiting patiently for 6 minutes as it dried, I brushed on some rust orange craft paint.  
I placed a paper towel over the letter and pressed gently, then lifted it off to remove some of the paint.  I did that again with brown paint a few minutes later after the rust color dried.  Now it looks old. (Excuse the flash).

I used the wide burlap on a roll and wove it through the wreath, then glued it place every so often. 
See?  How easy, right.  Done before Dinner!