Sunday, February 9, 2014

Control Freak

Sometimes you just have to give in and realize, you have no control over anything.  I need to wear one of these bad boys... 

 I will be the first to admit, I pretty much run the household and coordinate everything that takes place here. I plan and execute, solo. All was well, until a kidney stone stopped me in my tracks. I was forced to give up everything for an entire 3 days.  Now, I have never, ever, been so incapacitated in my life.  (I was the lady who tried to leave the hospital 24 hours after delivering my kids.) 

 So this was not only physically painful, but mentally too...we were set to leave for Disney in 3 days. Oh and I hadn't packed one darn bag for anyone... nothing, because I always wait until the last minute.  Somehow, I threw it all together and somehow, we made it there, kidney stone included, but no pain (an answer to prayers). 

Disney itself could be a whole different post. Let's just say that I am not, by any means, a "Mickey-kind-of-Girl."  Whatever,... make your faces, talk about me, I'm not. Neither is the spouse. We only went for the kids. I hate crowds, lines, greasy food, and time schedules.  There's nothing relaxing about this trip. Add in a dash of kidney stones, and this is not looking good.

But I have learned some valuable lessons about letting stuff slide, giving up control, and being thankful for being healthy. I was O.K. when my "good camera" hit the pavement in Hollywood Studios: Day 2 (and is now a goner), or when my son "misplaced" his new ipod in the villa and it was mysteriously swallowed up and never found, or when I forgot the not-so-great (backup)camera at our  Princess Dinner, and who cares that it rained half of the trip.  I decided to forgo "perfect" for this vacation and focus on having fun and spending some much needed time with my husband and kids, all together. 

So, I may have envisioned our trip to appear a little like this... 

Google Image

when it looked more like this...

Crappy i phone pic
I'm alright with that, because we had a great time and we are healthy, how often that's taken for granted!