Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3 Minute Topiary Tree

Remember my cute topiary from last Summer?  I killed it in a week I think.  It went bald then never sprouted one new leaf.  :(  

I liked her, but wasted 15 bucks on her and she died. So when I spotted these cute, (fake) boxwood spheres, for less than $4.00 a piece, I knew I wanted to make topiaries out of them.  

I just used a two pieces of natural sticks.  Thanks to my son for jumping out of the car for a huge branch I spotted on the side of the road.  I measured how tall I wanted the stalks to be and cut the branches to size.

I hot glued the spheres onto the sticks

I used clay pots with floral foam inside and just jabbed the branches in, then covered the foam with some Spanish Moss I had on hand.  

(Much better than the one from last year.)