Saturday, February 28, 2015

Faux Mirrored Console Table

So I tore my ACL and while I am waiting to have my surgery, I need some "ladder-free" projects because I am so bored!  I've been wanting to replicate the look of  a mirrored table and thought I'd use an old console table as a guinea pig.  I saw that someone had actually used reflective contact paper to cover the drawer fronts of a side table, so I thought I'd try it.  


However, my contact paper looked more like stainless steel when it arrived.

I decided to improvise and use spray paint.  I hauled the table out onto the deck (yes, in 20 degree weather) and spray painted it with this...(if you know my spouse, don't mention the spray-painting-on-the deck situation, then he'll know why there's a few silver flecks out there ;).

I am not exaggerating, this paint is more "reflective" than the contact paper.  So much so, that I thought I had forgotten to paint the legs of the table because the hardwood floor was reflecting off of them, Good stuff.

I used the contact paper on the top surface of the table and on the drawer fronts, I wasn't ready to give up on the paper or my ten bucks.

I  folded the edges like a present.

Then I smoothed it all down and covered the drawer fronts the same way.

I had a few extra crystal knobs lying around so I used those to finish it off.  

and some finishing touches...