Sunday, November 5, 2017

Stop and Smell the Turkey

People, I'm going to do something seriously crazy here. 


Call me a nut, talk about me later, but I'm actually going to celebrate Thanksgiving before Christmas.   Yup, I said it. Celebrate what is happening NOW.  I love Christmas, don't get me wrong.  It is my absolute favorite holiday.  I have a billion bins of decor; it takes me days to put it all up.  I love the flutter in my stomach when the Christmas music plays, the baking, and planning.  I love that it is my Lord's Birthday, because of Him we are saved,  and have been blessed with this wonderful life.  However, I want to enjoy this life and stop wishing for the next best thing.  I mean, I'm still planted and blooming girl, so c'mon.  


What's the deal?  Why is everyone so determined to shun Turkey Day???  I've stumbled upon a few blogs/sites that already had the Christmas decorations in their homes at Halloween!!  I think we need to take some time to reevaluate the priorities here.  (Sorry, but this is my blog and I'll say what I want).


However,  now's the time to take advantage of commercialism.  I popped into Michael's Crafts and apparently they believe Fall is over as well, and all of their decor is 70% off!  I snagged some great baskets for 7 or 8 bucks.  I planned on using them to house my palm plants that are on the deck but those are still loving the warmer weather outside!  
I scored these for 8 and 12 bucks... 

I know we are all busy running from school, sports, work, etc., but taking time to stop and "smell the roses" (or turkey in this case) might be just the the prescription I need to slow down the pace.  The first thing people with school aged kids will tell those with little ones is that once they go to school- time flies.  I rolled many an eye about that, but guess what?  It's so true.  My family is large and spreading their wings.  I have less free time now than ever before.  I feel like we were just on summer vacation and now it's November.  All the more reason I want to make the most of each day, and with that, each season.   Embrace the Fall, heck it's going to 70 degrees today, I can't have a snow covered tree in my living room right now!  

So we are holding off on Christmas decorating, I didn't say holding off on buying  decorations, just not putting them up. 
Happy Fall!