Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DIY Knock-off: Magnolia Market Good Tidings Sign

Hi Loves...
We are wrapping up a kitchen makeover here.  I can't call it a remodel, but we had a wall opened up and the cabinets redone; to me it's an AMAZING event!  Anyway, in between restocking the cabinets and rearranging things, I stumbled across a beauty from Magnolia Market and I was super giddy because it is so easy to make.  I just so happen to have a similar screen print stencil from Chalk Couture that I used to make a few signs this season, but when I saw the price of this sign, I was so making this one for way less.  

Here's how mine turned out...cost me nothing because I had the stencil and extra wood around.

The inspiration...for $125!!!  

The Chalk Couture stencils use Chalkology Paste stenciled through a "screenprint" style  mesh transfer stencil.  After adhering the stencil to the surface (chalkboard, mirror, wood, anything)  you then smear the paste on, wipe off the excess, and peel off the transfer.  
It's that simple.  Oh and the transfer is reusable, you just wash it off.  

I used plywood cut 18 X 18;  smaller than Magnolia's but in keeping with the size of my stencil.  

First, I painted it black and sanded it slightly after it was dry.  

Next, I used small Poplar board for the frame, cut to size, and stained with Minwax Espresso.

Finally, after transferring the stencil, I allowed it to dry and tacked the frame on.  The best part about the chalk paste is that it dries with a texture, unlike paint.  Makes it a little more rustic. Bonus:  you can spray it with polyurethane and it won't wipe off.  

Merry Christmas!