Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cheap Chick Paintings

In keeping with my little chicks' room décor, I wanted a pair of pictures to fill an empty space in her room.  I have a thing for the cute canvas wall art, featured in designer kids' rooms, but I'm not a fan of the price for these babies.  It's nuts that they look like a kid painted them, ok at least their mom, and they are expensive!  I decided to "DIM"  (do-it-myself.)  

  The blank canvas was bought at Michael's, on sale.  They are 10 X 10 and came in a two pack.  I used acrylic craft paint to cover the background, then I painted some details.

I used scrap fabric and cut out the bird on the pink one, and the butterfly, birdhouse hole, and bird's wing on the blue one.  (Because I'm lazy and didn't feel like free-handing the patterns!)  This is an easy way to achieve the detailed look without being talented!

Simple, cheap, and cute!  I apologize for the poor pictures, a photographer, I am not! 

Thanks for looking!