Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Here!!!! My Staircase Redo is Published!!

I'm having my own little celebration over it.   My staircase experiment turned out much better than I ever imagined and now it's famous...  Ok, that's a stretch, but it is featured on the "I Did It!" page of Better Homes and Gardens!  
I am more excited than I thought I'd be, and I can finally share the news and some more juicy details about how this came to be!  No, I didn't race off to the magazine aisle at the local supermarket to find my issue. I was sweating my butt off outside pulling weeds, when my sister texted me that she was in the store and saw it!! 
I was under the impression that this baby wasn't coming out until next Tuesday.  So my wonderful sis promptly drove over a few copies, and there we were!!!  This is an awful picture with my phone...but I was weeding, I swear!  

Links to the Staircase Adventure are below if you missed them! 

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  Thanks for looking!