Friday, August 30, 2013

Orange Crush

Sometimes life is about compromise and you have to let go of some control and allow others to use their creative side too, at least if it's their room.  My youngest son wanted a desk for his "work."  Even though he hasn't even started kindergarten yet and when he does, I know he'll be doing this "work" at the kitchen table!  I stumbled upon this desk at our local Restore, it was twenty bucks, so I figured it was worth fixing up for him.  I wanted navy or deep red.
 This guy's favorite color is orange.  (Yes, Greg Brady). He would literally only wear the color orange for about a year of his life at one point.  My sister talked me into orange spray paint, all to make him happy!  Not my all.  
I swapped out the knobs to some brushed nickel extras I had around.  It's cute for now and the color can be easily changed ;)  You can see I didn't put a lot of effort into this, it still has the streaky shine from the spray. 

Not my favorite color, but he loves it and just look at how cute this guy is workin'.