Thursday, January 11, 2018

Turn a Pedestal Table into a Coffee Table: A 15 Minute Hack

Hi There!

If you follow my Instagram, you saw yesterday's sneak peek of the table hack I was working on.  Honestly, this project is not a new concept, by far.  Turning a pedestal dining table into a coffee table has cropped up for ages.  There are a ton of pictures of finished products out there of tables that were constructed much different than mine.  But I could not find any tutorial on how to actually execute this plan.  The only one that came super close is no longer published.  It was my exact table, I'm talking down to the screws!  So like everything else, I did it my way and I'll share it with you guys so that some crazy woman with the same pedestal table can hack hers into a coffee table too.  

Over the summer I decided we needed a round dining table.  I thought it flow better in the kitchen and there's something I like about the contrast between rectangular counter space and a round table.  It just pleases my eyes!   Here she is... my Craigslist $75.00 find.

I gave it a stain and white wash treatment, but never really loved  how it came out.   Anyway, in the house she went.  After six months of elbow banging, stool-sitting, and frankly, aggravating meals  (I ignored the complaints...until we had a new pantry/broom closet and cabinets built into the wall behind the table) it just didn't fit a family of 7 .  I had to admit that having dinner together as a family is the priority here, not the look of the table!  So the round table was taken apart and shoved in the dining room.  I promised it to a friend and then like a jerk decided to keep it.  

Step one is to take the top off of the table.  It was screwed on, and came off easy.  The round top sits on top of a square board that is bolted onto the pedestal.  
I removed the nuts and lifted off the square wood.  The bolts themselves are screwed into the pedestal base, so I used a wrench to unscrew them and set everything aside to use when it was time to reassemble.  

Next step is to measure how high you want the table to sit.  I wanted this one to be 16" from the ground, just like the ottoman we have. (Good for feet proppin').  The table top is 3" thick so I deducted that from my measurement and made a mark at 13" from the ground on the pedestal.

The next step is to cut at your mark with your saw.
For this job I used the sawzall, and after inspecting the inside of the pedestal, it wasn't solid, so my life got so much easier.

The final step is reassembling.  Re-drill the holes for the bolts to be screwed back into the pedestal and set the wood square back on top.  (I didn't take a pic of this but if you got this far you'll figure it out).  

That's it!  
All this space game playing, nail painting, drawing, and feet proppin'!

How adorable are these little houses?  These are from Amazon, just touch the picture below to get a set!  (They are sneaky and have timers built in!)
Just too cute.

Okay, my secret tip to finding Craigslist goodies!  You ready?  Spelling Errors!
Yes, I am not kidding.  I can't tell you how many "key" pieces I've found by intentionally spelling a word wrong.  For example:  Search "Dinning Room Table"  and see what you might find!  
Thanks for looking, now go Cure Ur Decor!