Monday, February 12, 2018

5 Year Bloggiversary!

Happy Anniversary to me!
Cure 4 Decor  Planted and Blooming Girl is 5 years old today!  

Ok, so maybe I haven't been the most dedicated blogger in the world.  I know, I'm a slacker, but keeping it real means keeping it simple.  I try to share useful info for you guys out there, and loyal folks know I am not big on bragging.  If it's helpful, I blog it.  If I didn't do it, I won't usually share it because, really, anyone who has the funds can get a contractor to come and revamp your kitchen, swap out your corner jacuzzi tub for a claw foot, knock down walls, and change your dated granite and kitchen floor (sorry that may be my wish list).  It's pretty obvious that new construction has all the "up-to-date" finishes and, no offense, that's boring to read about, not to mention unrealistic.  I'm not interested in making myself feel bad here.  I just like to surround myself with pretty things (and experiment with tools sometimes ;) while sharing my remedies for the Cookie-Cutter-Colonial. 

So aside from getting 5 years older... what's been happening for the last five years?

  • I had a blog name change.  Why?  Well, I had an issue with the length of the other one, and it was time for the girl to grow up.  I had to uprgrade to a domain and "Planted and Blooming Girl" suggested that I might be able to actually keep plants alive, which I cannot by the way.  So spoofed off of my "day job" and went with Cure 4 Decor.  Although I do love the notion of blooming where you are planted, so I sort of miss that.

  • My kids and I were in  Better Homes & Gardens Magazine.  You already know about this one.  Honestly, if it weren't for the blog, that fun experience would never have happened! I hated this picture when it was published.  All I could see were flaws on my appearance.  I hated the clothes that the stylist provided for all of us.  I hated the weird smirk on my face and the fact that the blouse they had me wear made me look like I had a spare tire (when in fact I did not have one back then).  Now I look at this with a different set of eyes.  I see 5 kids who are now 5 years older.  I see a mom who should've been proud that she could balance family, a career, and a hobby.  It's amazing how much you change in 5 years!

  • I had my first surgery.  Okay so that's not on anybody's bucket list.  I ruptured my ACL and needed reconstructive surgery.  Let me tell you I was freaking out.  I am the Captain of this ship.  I am not saying that with any kind of pride.  It's my own fault that I do everything around here.  Laundry, cleaning, dishes, kid transport, etc.  So if mamma's down, everyone's going down.  I taught my family how to use the washer and dryer, I prepared meals for the freezer,  and I wrote down all the passwords for everything in case I never woke up from anesthesia.  Turns out, the very first post-op day I was helping my daughter take a bath and making my own lunch.  So that was that.


  • I decided to continue my education.  I have been an RN for, well, forever it feels like.   I never had any intention of getting my BSN.  I was a busy mom, I actually love being a staff nurse, and I honestly am not that driven.  But...after I finished the Staircase Project, I felt like I was "wasting" time.  Crazy, I know.  I thought, "If I can take the time to do that, I can go back for my BSN".   So I did.  I graduated almost 2 years ago now, and I really can't say I am glad I did it.  I certainly would have rather had that time with my kids and spent any extra doing house projects.  That's the truth.  My house was a mess for two years and nobody (in my house) was at all supportive of my decision to spend every day on my laptap doing school work instead of laundry.  Hindsight is b*@#h.

  • I turned the big 4-0!  Along with that one came a better understanding of living in the moment.  I am still in this 40th year and so far I can't complain.  It's funny how you start to reevaluate your priorities and, for me, decide to focus on what I want to do, including a little bit more for "me."  

  • I'm trying out more power tools!  I started little hobby that I am addicted to, it's ridiculous because the last thing I need is another sign in this house, but I love making them.  So I started selling them.  Locally and I'll beef up the Etsy sight this year.  It's one of my goals ;)

So, tonight I raise my cup of Sleepytime Tea and say "Cheers" to loving where you live, to loving who you are, and making the most of every day.

I'm planning more real ideas that are budget friendly and easy to achieve, while making my home look and work better for my family.   After all, it isn't what you put into your home and how many of the latest trends you blend in.   It's about making the space you come home to your soft place to land; because a home is not what surrounds us but who we share it with, the memories we make there, and the love that unfolds. 

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Thanks for checking in...