Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How To: Longer Legs (on a bench that is)

I bought a storage bench from Overstock, that I intended to use in the dining room for additional seating.  (You can cram 4 kids across that thing!)  However, it came up a little short, and all of the little people couldn't really reach the table.

See?  Stubby legs.

I filled it up with table linens and candles, all of the junk in the dining room that I had no room for, and forgot how useless it was.  Until I was browsing around the home improvement store and stumbled upon these...

 Longer, leaner legs...

and the hardware to screw them into

I unscrewed the old legs, took the new ones outback and sprayed them black, while they dried I did this:
 Screw on the hardware

 Screwed in the new legs when they dried, I added these rubber anti skid pads, so that the bench doesn't ski all over the dining room.

Now when we need it, we can just pull it up to the table.