Thursday, July 11, 2013

Petite Gallery Wall

I've never been a huge artwork fan.  I like something that has meaning, and in my house, that's pretty much just kid projects. 
The only true wall in the living room needed a focal point, and I can respect the ever-popular, botanical print gallery walls, but I am just not that into plants, here's proof
 (this stick, used to be a topiary tree, a mere two weeks ago)
anyway, I wanted something I could change seasonally. I remembered one of the bajillion things I had pinned on my  "ideas for later" board on Pinterest, and forgot about. (what else is new) It was a link to the New York Public Library Digital Collection and it is a huge collection of images.  This link has a ton of pictures and you can just type in the search box for what you are looking for.  I was searching for something summery, corals and sea grass.  With this in mind, I bought some frames and it was my lucky shopper day, they were on clearance for $4!! Now, the Pinterest link says "free prints" but I'm sure there's a
I'm not suggesting that you should right click the image you choose, copy it to your pictures file of your computer, print it out, and frame it.  Now, if a certain person were to do this, that would be okay, I guess...right?  If that person did this, it might look something like this...
summery prints that look like scientific specimen sketches 
$4.00 square matted frames (oh yeah!)

Use a glue stick to keep them in place. 
Hang 'em up, oh and I used this $14 Target clearance mirror as the center of this petite gallery wall. (Always, always check the end caps at Target) 

Not bad for thirty bucks!!