Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Budget-Friendly Boho Inspired Finds to Update Any Room

I'd be a liar if I said I don't crave Spring right now.  Once I packed up all of the cold weather / Valentine decorations,  I was more than ready for a simple, clean, fresh start.
I just finished up some wallpaper in the Family Room.  It's very Scandinavian of me ;)  I'm in love with the way this transformed the family room.  It went from just, "meh" to "WOW!"   I used Beacon House's Scandinavian Block Print Tulip in blue.  Now, this wallpaper is not pre-pasted, so I knew it would be a witch to hang, just like my foyer ceiling was.  But the quality is fabulous.  I've had cheap paper tear and stretch when hanging it up, but this is sturdy and thick.  I covered only the wall around the fireplace and it's just what we needed to carry the blue from the kitchen cabinets through, since both are visible at the same time.

Here's the view from the family room into the breakfast nook...the blue now floooows right in.

This new look has me craving some Boho style in our family room.  This should be easy, given that I never jumped on the "shiplap wagon."  (Don't knock me yet!)  I adore it in other people's houses, I think it is a great way to add character to a blank wall.  I actually ordered some shiplap wallpaper for an upcoming room project, so there.  Real shiplap just clearly doesn't go with our cookie-cutter-colonial.  Lucky for me, I can't commit to any color and all of our furniture is basically neutral as well.  This room can use some updated pieces, so I went to my regular source for everything:  Amazon!!  

Adding this Boho, or Modern Boho look is an easy update for a tired room like we had.  Mixing textures is the key here.  Some navy blue, woven wool, leather, natural elements, and pops of gold work well together.

I love this Moroccan leather pouf, it doesn't come filled though so I guess plastic grocery bags it is...  But this Faux Fiddle Leaf tree is in my cart.  I kill every plant I own.  (It's a wonder my family has fared well thus far).  Since everybody's doing the Fiddle Leaf thing, I can participate now and not regret causing the death of a lovely plant while preserving my budget.  This is a steal people.



Just the sheer fact that when I was a kid my mom had a macrame wall hanging on the sun porch and woven plant hangers is reason enough for my nostalgic side to order these guys.  

Need any of these to remedy your space?  Click an image to go directly to the affiliate link on Amazon.
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