Friday, February 16, 2018

How to Make New Galvanized Metal Look Old: DIY "Rusty" Olive Baskets

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 Call me late in the game, but I just picked up a pair of these olive buckets to flank the front door.  I know, I know...but I'm a discount shopper and refused to pay big money for something like this.

Ballard Designs  $129.00 ??? Nope, sorry.

Amazon to the rescue...
I found these baskets, not one, but two for way less than the price of the ones found at the elite stores.  These babies measure 14.5" X 15" X 11"  which is plenty big for my taste.   And at less than $50 bucks for the pair, I am a happy girl.

They arrived in two days and I loved the size and value, but they were far from rusty and "real" looking.  I decided to try to create some vintage vibe on these two.

Using brown matte acrylic paint and a fine paintbrush, I went over the handles and anywhere it would tend to rust on an old metal basket.

I ran the brush down the seam and across both the top and bottom rims.
It dried super quick and in 10 minutes, they looked like they have been outside for decades.

See the difference?  Left:  Rusty, Right: Not!

No Tetanus shot required!  Now where am I going to put these until I go buy the plants?!!

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