Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cheap - Cheap Bird Lamp

Knockoff Sarah Lamp from Rosenberry Rooms

Sarah Lamp Rosenberry Rooms
I had a little table lamp base from Target, it was plain white, and free, so for the "experiment" it would be perfect.  (I always start these projects as trial runs, and end up just using them as the real deal.  Lazy or Lucky? ) 

I used real twigs from outside, hot glue, fake leaves from some fake flowers I already had on hand. 
I hot glued the twigs on and the leaves.
Then, I coated the whole thing in Modge Podge to harden up the leaves.
While that was sitting to dry, I made a little bird out of newspaper and masking tape, and Modge Podged him together.
The next day, I hot glued Bird Man onto a branch, and spray painted the whole thing with a cream paint.
I added the crystal pull from Lowes'.
The shade was the most expensive, $10 at Target and I trimmed it up with Ric Rac hot glued around the shade. 

Now, I know the Sarah Lamp is way bigger and grander, but I don't need all that, this rustic little cutie works great in the space and only cost $15!!!