Thursday, March 14, 2013

Simple Silhouette Tutorial

I wanted the look of those cute silhouettes and I am too impatient to follow any of the tutorials I found online, involving photo shop, etc.  I decided to improvise. I'm always trying to cut corners on projects and sometimes it doesn't work ...this one did.!  I mean, how long are these going to stay up anyway, ( so I thought..  they've been up almost 2 years now!)


 5 old frames
black matte spray paint
black construction paper
double sided tape
card stock
and printer paper


1.  Snap your picture
2.  Print on plain paper
3.  Align it on construction paper
4.  Cut out profile on top of black paper, now you have a black silhouette on not so black construction paper
5.  Lightly mist with black matte spray paint, very fine or it will curl up, I taped it down onto newspaper
6.  Allow to dry and double side tape it to card stock
7.  Frame it!
All done and so darn cute!