Saturday, March 2, 2013

Copycat Cherry Blossom Wall Art

Once upon a time I decided to redo my daughter's nursery to a "toddler" room and I fell in love with this Winborg Sisters painting when it was featured in PBK .  I wanted it so bad but could not justify $249.00 for it, when I know how I get... I change decor too often to commit to something so expensive.  But it was so perfect for my girl's room.  It was girly, but nature-ish (new word) like she is.
I searched for a copycat, or for a used one on Ebay, and came up empty - until on HGTV's rate my space, I saw a nursery where the homeowner painted a small one herself. She created an adorable space for her daughter with some great ideas, check it out here: 
So, challenge accepted- I could paint my own as well!  (Sorry Sisters.)
I ordered the canvas from Amazon - 30" X 40" and bought a few large bottles of acrylic craft paint in bright pink, aqua, and a dark teal, and I used the ones I had already for all the other colors. My daughter's room had some lavender in it at the time, so I chose to vary my colors to meet my decor. 
I free-handed it, just by looking at the image on my lap top.  After one night of painting and a kitchen that looked like a frat house, it was done and I just love the way it turned out for only $40.00!
flash off
flash on!
Here you can get  an idea of it's size
Details of the birds..Aren't they cute?

I think I'm gonna name them
And when we are done with the birds and blue, it can go in the playroom. 

Thanks for looking!