Thursday, March 28, 2013

Staircase revealed!! It's done, finally!

Before                                    After

Just in case you missed parts I and  II, check them out Part I and Part II.

They're done! They're finally done!  Ah ha ha ha ha! I mean every little nook and cranny is caulked, every staple removed, every piece of trim is up, every wall I messed up in the process is sanded and painted and dry!  Hallelujah!  
Next year, for lent, I'm giving up home projects.

I can't even begin to explain how free I feel.  It was like a monkey was on my back for a month with this being unfinished!  It took so long because I couldn't just drop everything and work on the steps!  I mean, these people actually wanted clean clothes and food around here...geesch!  So, what should have taken a week or two, took a whole month.   And I hated every moment of it.  Not doing the project, but leaving it "under construction" every night.  I am impatient.  Have I mentioned that?  Yeah I have.  So, so impatient.  I want my projects "done before dinner."  This was a killer.

  So, standing back and checking out the work, it's not bad; it's not great either.  But I have to smile when I look at it, because I created it all by myself!  Well, with a little help from the offspring!  They did some painting too.  I think it's a trillion times better than the 7 year old, basic builder's carpet, with a cheap blonde oak banister!!!

I searched high and low for a picture of the steps with the oak rail, this was all I could find.  Me with my beautiful sister and my beautiful baby cakes!  (sniff, she's 4 now..)  Also glad to report that yellow paint in the family room is gone.

Way Back When

Before: with treated banister
(paint and brown glaze)

In progress... no trim under the risers or the "millwork"


I'd like to especially thank the inventor of wood filler by the pint, and painter's caulk... you people rock and this wouldn't have been possible without you!  
(wipes tears, blows kiss)
Thanks for looking!