Sunday, March 17, 2013

Staircase Transformation (Part II)

I feel like this is part 200 because, have I mentioned before how impatient I am????!!!!  This is taking way too long!  I hit a point where I stood back and literally said, "What did I do?"  But then it seemed that it all came back around to my original vision, and so far I really love it!
This post has a lot of pictures, I tried to capture each stikin' step, (not step as in step you walk on kind of  step, but a cute pun for this project right?)  Anyway, here's how it looks so far.....

The wood trim on the "triangular" wall was inspired by a picture I came across on Pinterest, what else is knew... it can be found at the bottom of the post
Staircase Transformation Part 1
Now, I've also mentioned before, how the spouse isn't always on board with my ideas.  O.K. that's being nice, he hates pretty much any idea I come up with.  Hater.  But, I trudge on, not being swayed by his negative decorating attitude.  It fuels my fire and I sit back and wait for the, "Wow Babe, it looks great!  You never fail to amaze me."....on and on.  I didn't get that half way throughout this project.  I think he even gave it a look.  You know what look I mean.

Even the kids don't get it.  They were all "What's it for?"  "What are you putting in the squares?"  "Does it help the wall stay up?" 
What is wrong with them???  Does not one of my kids have my love for character and charm?!!!  The one who asked what color I'm painting each square, I'm pretty sure was swapped with my real kid in the newborn nursery 7 years ago.
The 1X3 boards were put up with liquid nails and some small real nails

(Here's two of the traitors helping me paint)

First coat of paint and yeah, I hated it, you can't really see in the picture how much it just looked like a cross on the wall.  Not that I'm opposed to huge crosses (we already have one above the basement door you can see it in the full shot)

So, back to the home improvement store for some more wood and low and behold, they have a better selection than before- so I'm a happy hunter and headed back home to try to salvage my stairway.

Now in between all of this, I bought the base cap I wanted to use for the trim under each riser.  You can see it in the picture above, under each step.  It was pre-primed and that's a plus.  After cutting them to size with the good old miter box, I used Liquid Nails and coated the back pretty good, if it squeezed out, I just wiped it off.  I held it up a few minutes and used Frog Tape to keep it in place.  Some of my steps were not level, so I did have to tack those up with a little finishing nail.  I haven't finished them, they need caulk and paint, but I can see the light.

The base cap from Lowes

Liquid Nails on the back

Adhered then held up with Frog Tape

The outside edge (to be caulked still)

without trim

With trim!

So the saga continues... but I'm making headway.  Oh, and the spouse... yeah, he said it looks like a sample home.  I'm cool with that.